Visualizando información para el activismo

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Desde Tactical Technology Collective, uno de los colectivos infoactivistas más activos en materia de creación de contenidos, y sobre todo, guías y manuales, publicaron este libro / manual / guía muy interesante para entender formas de visualizar la información.
Nota: en el original se llama “Visualising information for advocacy”. Nunca sé bien cómo traducir advocacy. Deja en los comentarios una propuesta más solida para esta entrada si la sabes.

EXTRAS (en inglés)

Un especial énfasis a la sección de Recursos Extras desde dónde se nos proponen una serie de vínculos muy interesantes:


  • Video Advocacy Planning toolkit
    Witness provides best practices and lessons learned to evaluate whether video is right for your campaign.
  • Video4change
    Brings together training tools and methodologies from a global network of advocates to support video activists and trainers.
  • Engage Media
    Is an online video sharing site for campaigners to upload videos related to social justice and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific.
  • Insight share
    Works on participatory video-making, explaining how you and your community can tell your own story through film.



  • The Guardian Project
    Creates apps and products for android phones to protect communications and personal data from intrusion and monitoring. One of their products, Obscuracam, is particularly useful as it can automatically detect faces in a photograph and pixelate them to make them unrecognisable.
  • The NOMAD Project
    Supports aid organisations to collect, analyse and manage data collected through mobiles phones. Choose the right technology with their Online Selection Assistant.
    Collates case studies on the use of mobile technology as a driver of innovation and social change. search.php



  • Maps for Advocacy
    A guide to using maps in advocacy created by Tactical Tech. Provides case studies, descriptions of procedures and methods, a review of data sources and a glossary of mapping terminology. 
  • Balloon Mapping
    Public Lab explain how to do your own aerial mapping using a balloon, a digital camera and some everyday bits and pieces. 
  • Ground Truth
    A blog about community mapping projects and the work of the Ground Truth Initiative which started in 2009 by mapping Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya.



  • The satellite sentinel Project
    Uses satellite imagery to monitor and report on human rights abuses occurring in Sudan and South Sudan.



  • Me and My shadow
    A Tactical Tech website that allows you to trace your digital shadow, showing all the data you leave behind without knowing it when you are online, and then shows you how to reduce it.
  • Security in-a-box
    Everything you need to know about how to stay safe online, how to protect your data and communications, and how to set up the tools to do that. A project by Tactical Tech and Frontline defenders.
  • School of Data
    A project by the Open Knowledge Foundation, offers a series of on-line courses for people who are completely new to using spreadsheets and to those who are professional data wranglers.



  • The Info-Activism How-to Guide
    By Tactical Tech, provide a comprehensive overview of strategies, digital tools and case studies with a critical focus on the intended strategic impact of campaigns.
  • The Knight Centre for Digital Media
    Is a great place to find out about the latest new media platforms and tools, attend virtual lectures and take part in tutorials on everything from photography to mapping.
  • Osocio
    Collects the best examples of marketing for social causes. A great place to find inspiring and slick non- profit campaigns.
  • Exposing the Invisible
    A series of short films telling the personal stories of those working at the frontiers of investigation in the digital age.





  • Data Driven Journalism
    Covers developments in data journalism and brings together a host of different resources to help you find the stories in data and visualise them.

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Licencia de producción de pares
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