So what´s the role on on #IndieWeb

This post is (hopefullly) an IndieWeb answer to

Since I knew about #IndieWeb I have been investigating but still got confused, maybe because of it´s amazing simplicity.

When I read this article where it´s mentioned the platform I don´t know if just because I installed the IndieWeb plugins on this very same blog, my own (, I´m using or not.

Also it would be just great to know how have you make on your blog this possible:


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Daniel Cotillas Ruiz
1 año hace

Hey @ChrisAldrich I wanted to answer you from my blog as show on the first image but it appeared what happened on the second. My answer is on…

Chris Aldrich
1 año hace

Daniel, your English is excellent though a bit unclear in places. I’ll try a response but let me know if I’m not answering your questions. You have your own website and domain name, which makes you a part of the IndieWeb. I see you’ve also got Webmention set up, you your post sent me a notification and I’ve obviously received it. Since the Webmention Plugin handles sending the notifications, you do not need to manually put your URL into my site’s response box and click “Ping me”. I’ll look into the error you reported seeing on Twitter. Having an IndieWeb… Leer más »

Chris Aldrich
1 año hace

Read Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us? by Cal Newport (The New Yorker) Alongside these official responses, a loose collective of developers and techno-utopians that calls itself the IndieWeb has been creating another alternative. The movement’s affiliates are developing their own social-media platforms, which they say will preserve what’s good about social media while jettisoning what’s bad. They hope to rebuild social media according to principles that are less corporate and more humane. Excited to see that the IndieWeb “hobby” I’ve been spending a lot of my time on for the past few years has made it into The New… Leer más »


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